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Snowy cape
Cedar in a snowy cape ©2014

Equilibrium, equivalent. So many descriptions of balance lead us to believe that it is a state to achieve and then stay there. Yet that isn’t really desirable as we need a bit of imbalance to encourage us to move forward for growth and change. It is also nice to step back at times and re-group, make course adjustments or to contemplate how where we’ve been can lead us to where we want to go.

I encourage you to play with a little meander in the spring woods getting off the beaten track before coming back to the comfort of the familiar trail or to try leaning side to side and forward to back and finding that most comfortable balance on your sitz bones or your feet. What other ways can you find to stretch a little past your comfort zone? Remember to review what it feels like when you move back to your everyday routines. Here’s to the ability to find equilibrium and equanimity in ever changing experiences. And when you can’t, give me a call for a Zero Balancing session to help you move forward with ease to your next opportunity to grow.

Author: Cynthia Allred

I'm a Zero Balancing Faculty member and practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist Graduate of Crestone Healing Arts Center. My bodywork is done through the lens of Zero Balancing -connecting to the innate capacity of the body to release tension and unhelpful patterns and build back the natural fluidity and resilience that allows us to move forward to our full potential. Helping people connect with their inner resources is my passion and joy. My practice serves young children through elders.

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