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A Letter to the Men in the Lives of Zero Balancing Recipients

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ImageLet’s face it tough guys don’t need help. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Those messages are everywhere in our culture. Are you being a responsible do it yourselfer with a work ethic?

These messages can be very damaging if you are talking about your primary mode of transportation in this life. Mogul kings revered their elephants, Arabs and cowboys their horses, teenagers their first car. These vehicles got the best that could be offered. What about your body? Do you go back and forth using it like it’s always going to stand up to excessive pressure and then cratering when it finally seizes up or breaks down?

Most of us go out and immediately polish up the first scratch on our new car.  And make sure the first oil changes get done on time. Just as a car isn’t built to withstand continued ignoring of lubrication, worn tires and shock absorbers the human body needs a certain amount of high quality maintenance. Routine preventative care is better than living with limiting disabilities or having major surgery.

Zero Balancing practitioners use tools chosen by Fritz Smith, M.D. who is fully trained in osteopathy and acupuncture.  He found that combining the best of Western anatomy with Eastern views of healing led to the greatest recovery of his patients in his busy general practice clinic. Zero Balancing is effective at both preventative maintenance and can assist in trauma recovery particularly when traditional care doesn’t get you back to full normal.

One of the hallmarks of Zero Balancing is that it uses fundamental principles of nature to effect deep long term healing at the pace each body is comfortable with. When a person feels deeply relaxed at the bone level all the biomechanical processes can move toward better health. Forty minutes of aware touch, lifting and tractioning bones and joints, is a booster (higher octane) to your hard working body. As the current tensions are released you feel more energetic and begin to find the limiting patterns that you’ve been holding and are holding you back from living the life you deserve. A full life with those you love.

You don’t have to live with your aches and pains limiting you. Zero Balancers world-wide are standing ready to support you in your journey to well being.

www.zerobalancing.com  Find a practitioner.

© Cindy Allred-Jackson January 2014

Author: Cynthia Allred

I'm a Zero Balancing Faculty member and practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist Graduate of Crestone Healing Arts Center. My bodywork is done through the lens of Zero Balancing -connecting to the innate capacity of the body to release tension and unhelpful patterns and build back the natural fluidity and resilience that allows us to move forward to our full potential. Helping people connect with their inner resources is my passion and joy. My practice serves young children through elders.

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