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Please Contact me to schedule a class in your area.

Updates in progress, I appreciate your patience! Classes are being scheduled for Winter/Spring 2019

One Day Introduction to Zero Balancing

Friday or Saturday 9:30am-5:00pm

Clifton Forge, VA, Silver Spring, MD, Lancaster, OH  Dates to be determined

Interested in what Zero Balancing might provide your clients? Just need a few CE’s for re-certification? Want to help friends and family but don’t have a health care practice yet? This class  gives you a great day of hands on learning and enough theory to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of Zero Balancing. You go home with a short protocol that  can be used alone or easily integrated into any client treatment.

Cost: $100 If paid 1 month in advance-or when signing up with a friend.
If less than 1 month $150.

Clifton Forge, VA S 31st
4-5 students may arrange to stay on site and share in meal preparations in the lovely historic home with shared bathrooms. Camping is also an option.

Study Group

Sunday 11/18/18 12:15pm-3:00pm

Richmond, VA  November 18, 2018

Roanoke, VA and Toledo, OH Dates to be determined Spring 2019

Study groups can be for 1/2 day or 2-3  hours. This is a chance to share and develop relationships with fellow ZB practitioners. Participants may propose a topic in advance or discussion can arise from current questions, then we trade short sessions to feel personally renewed and with greater inspiration for sharing Zero Balancing in our practices. Donations accepted  for travel expenses.

Advancing Skills Day

Friday, Saturday or Sunday ?/??/19 9:30am-5:00pm

Core Zero Balancing: Advancing Skills Day classes enhance the process of learning Zero Balancing, sharpen the skills of those who have not taken courses recently, and develop relationships among ZB practitioners. Student questions shape the lessons and includes presentations, demonstrations, touch feedback and session swaps. All of the students have taken Core ZB1. This class was formerly called “Review Day”.

  • Refine your fulcrums & protocol.
  • Enhance principles of touch used in Zero Balancing.
  • Deepen your connection with Core ZB principles.

Clifton Forge, VA
4-5 students may arrange to stay on site on November 4th and share in meal preparations in the lovely historic home with shared bathrooms. Camping is also an option.

Silver Spring, MD Dates to be determined Spring 2019

Core Zero Balancing I    

Thursday -Sunday 9am-5pm

Lancaster, OH & Southwest, VA Spring 2019

Zero Balancing Faculty, Cindy Allred-Jackson invites you to explore the healing potential of the skeletal system for your clients and friends by using Zero Balancing touch and protocol. Students come away from this first class re-energized with techniques that can immediately be incorporated in their work. Learn tools to apply to your 
professional practice and everyday life. Zero Balancing is used by acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors and nurses among others. It provides gentle and effective care, relieves structural pain, increases energy, reduces stress and supports personal transformation. Learn touch techniques and principles that will enhance your healing work. Zero Balancing is taught as a stand-alone system of body mind therapy. However, it is easy to incorporate into other modalities, allowing you to work on multiple levels in one session. Learn a treatment protocol that is effective for clients of all ages. Zero Balancing addresses physical, emotional and mental issues simultaneously. ZB offers your clients bone-deep relaxation similar to meditation allowing old tensions & patterns to release. Cost: $595 if paid 3 months in advance , 2015. $695 if paid 2 months in advance. Less than one month prior $795. Please email for payment plan options. Where:

For More Information: www.zerobalancing.com  or  learnzb@wholebody-wellbeing.com To Register:

Freely Moveable Joints

Two Saturdays-Sundays 9am-5pm

Clifton Forge, VA March April 2019

4-5 students may arrange to stay on site on the evening before and share in meal preparations in the lovely historic home with shared bathrooms. Camping is also an option.