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Appointments available for

60 minutes $95 –  Zero Balancing, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Integrative Oriental Bodywork
75 minutes $115 – Acupressure, Integrative Oriental Bodywork
30 minutes $55 –  Hydrotherapy and Reflexology, Acupressure or Facial massage

Zero Balancing- An exquisite modern acupressure form that supports a person’s whole being by addressing tension and limiting patterns while focusing on the skeletal system. Your body reorganizes to its best function. Lifting and lengthening movements are applied to release areas holding excess tension along the back of the body and around the major joints including the feet and arms. Done fully clothed.

Shiatsu- A systematic full body application of points held along each of the meridian lines on both the front and the back of the body abdomen and face. The points are held with moderate pressure in a rhythmic fluid movement. Done on a massage table. Done fully clothed.

Acupressure- Japanese system using a series of points along the energy flows of the body held with light pressure for up to 1 minute. Traditional formulas are chosen to address concerns. By inquiring about past & present conditions, unusual sensations, five element relationships, we choose formulas to address one or more issues. The points are held with light pressure in a prescribed sequence based on traditional indications. Done fully clothed. 

Hydrotherapy- Warm Epsom salt foot soak with a salt scrub and topped off with reflexology foot massage. Therapeutic grade essential oils are available, most are organic or wild-crafted. Legs are uncovered to the knees.

Integrative Oriental Bodywork- will always include Zero Balancing and may include adding your choice of Shiatsu, Acupressure or Massage with oils. Massage includes disrobing to your comfort level and using drapes uncovering only the area being addressed at the time. Respecting your privacy and comfort is a priority in all sessions.


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