Whole Body Well Being

Body Ease • Serene Mind • Joyful Heart

Opportunity April 26th 10am to 3pm

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Expo InviteMake plans to come early for a great event of free health information and services.

We stayed very busy last year so stop by our booth early to sign up for a time to get a free Zero Balancing mini-session.

Bring a friend and share this!

May is Zero Balancing Outreach month so I’ll have a discount coupon available  at our booth!

Author: Cynthia Allred

I'm a Zero Balancing Faculty member and practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist Graduate of Crestone Healing Arts Center. My bodywork is done through the lens of Zero Balancing -connecting to the innate capacity of the body to release tension and unhelpful patterns and build back the natural fluidity and resilience that allows us to move forward to our full potential. Helping people connect with their inner resources is my passion and joy. My practice serves young children through elders.

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