Whole Body Well Being

Exploring Wellness with Zero Balancing

Introduction to Zero Balancing & Specials

Zero Balancing is an exquisite modern acupressure form that supports a person’s whole being through the skeletal system. After a brief interview you sit fully clothed on a massage table for evaluations of the shoulder and pelvic girdles and then lay comfortably on your back for the rest of the session. I use gentle traction or moderate finger pressure for addressing key joints and bones in the legs, arms and neck as well as under the hips, back and shoulders. Face, feet and hands also receive attention in areas that commonly hold tension. Each session offers time for focus on specific areas of concern and an overall body reset back to neutral. In approximately 45 minutes on the table you receive a chance to go deeply inward and fully relax into your body’s innate healing wisdom. Then you are ready to walk out with a smile on your face and spring in your step.

Summer Special

WOW it’s my 25th year of practicing Zero Balancing!  A series of 3 sessions is available for $230 a $270 value. I enjoy sharing from my well of experiences in Oriental bodywork, yoga, common sense health, complimentary medicine and massage.  I’m ready to support you- body, mind and spirit.


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